5 Books that can teach you to understand money better.

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A better relationship with money can balance your life help you to achieve your dreams. If you want to be an entrepreneur, these books will help you to drive your entrepreneurial skills in an effective way. These books have proven methods and key principles to help you grow rich in a shorter span of time. Money is not all about how much you make but it is about how you manage it.

The Total Money Makeover By David Ramsay

This book is written by Financial Guru David Ramsay in which he provided some bold approaches to the money matters and dug out the financial problems. With several success stories using the Dave Ramsey’s “No Nonsense Approach” including a family who paid off his debt of $110000 in two years.

Think And Grow Rich By Napolean Hill

This book by Napoleon Hill earned its reputation over time in the field of money management and actionable techniques that can make you food in doing anything. This book keeps the most fundamental questions once bothered the author and he depicted them in this book. More than 20 million copies of this book sold till now.

The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

This book is written by Benjamin Graham who was acclaimed to be the greatest investment advisor of the Twentieth century. It will provide you the insights of proven strategies to achieve long-term investment goals and preventing potential investors from concrete mistakes. A gem to understand the concept of Making Investment wisely.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T Kiyosaki

In this book, the Author Robert T Kiyosaki shared his life experiences mostly based on his young days spent in Hawaii. It is based on the teachings he received from his Rich and Poor Dad and the highlights of attitude towards money, work, and life. The book will change your thoughts related to money.

The Richest man in BabylonBy George S Clason

A book that will provide you the financial wisdom through Parables. It is originally a set of pamphlets which were distributed by Insurance companies and banks and these pamphlets were written by the author and later bundled together to create this book. The whole narration is dispensed by the protagonist of the story Arkad who managed to become the richest man in Babylon.

4 Steps to wake up early without being tired!

The morning is the best time to nurture your inner core and to increase your productivity. A morning person stays more productive, happier and disciplined than the one who sleeps late and wakes up late.

There is two type of people, The ones who sleep early and wake up early, take the time to improve themselves, read books, meditate, exercise and have a proper diet. The other ones who sleep till 2-3 Am and wake up till 8-9 and rush to work like a zombie, without having breakfast and doing exercise.

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Who do you think can be more productive and healthy? The first ones have a healthier brain, less anxiety, and a good physique with more and more productivity at work and the other ones always feel tired, anxious and less productive at work.

The human body needs at least 7 hours to sleep a day or 5-6 hours deep sleep to stay active and healthy. The best time slots are 10-4, 10-5, 11-5, 11-6. Now, most of the people find it really tough to wake up early and I understand the situation as I was going through the same condition a few months back. I will tell you the ways to wake up early with being tired the whole day and after a month it will become a routine and your body will follow it without hassle.

 4 hacks that will make you an early bird from a lazy owl.

  1. Make a Sleep Cycle: As I already discussed that human body needs at least 6-7 hours of sleep, so make a sleep cycle accordingly, finish your important tasks before that sleep cycle and go to bed at the exact time. The bed is for sleep, so stay away from your mobile phone or other gadgets while on the bed to sleep at the right time. When you sleep at the right time at night for first few weeks you will require an alarm clock to wake and then your body will map the routine and will start acting accordingly. You can also download the app Sleep Cycle to that can help you to make your routine.
  2. Map your work for the morning: This is another powerful way of waking up early, figure out your important tasks at night to do them in the morning. Then fix a to-do list alarm at the desired time you want to wake up. You will see your to-do list while you wish to switch the alarm off and this will distract your sleep and motivate to perform the tasks on your to-do list. You can use To Do Reminder with Alarm app for this hack.
  3. A compelling Reason: Find out a compelling reason that will force you to wake up early in the morning, like, left a work that you love the most in between to do it in the morning or leave a chat unfinished with your loved once to start it in the morning or stick to a passion and make goals to do it early in the morning. When you ‘ll find a compelling reason to wake up early, your body won’t go against you as you have another solid reason to wake up.
  4. Your alarm is not your girlfriend, keep it away: You tend to keep your alarm right beside you and as soon as it rings you hit the snooze, what is the purpose of alarm then. Keep it away from you, this forces body movement and gives energy because you need to get out of bed to hit the snooze and don’t forget the to-do list hack that will motivate you to wash your face instead of hitting the snooze button.

You are not an owl and neither you are a vampire who needs to roam into the woods (Note: This post is not for owls and Vampires, sorry :). I am sure that these hacks will help you to get out of your bed and shine because this routine will make you a healthier, happier and a productive person. Rather than focusing on your sleep quota, focus on the quality of sleep and I will tell you in my next blog “How to sleep deep and sound?”

Rise and shine my friends……. Rise and shine

See the miracles happen each morning!

Most of the time we dream having a successful life and sleep till 8-9 in the morning to keep on dreaming and lose all the time when we need to act to make that dream a reality.

Morning is a time when your mind feels fresh and can work with its full potential, and wasting that time sleeping is running away from your success. Most of the successful people wake up early in the morning between 4-5 and finish most of the important day work till 8. They know how to absorb the energy as a morning person.

It has been one month I applied few principles to do in the morning after reading the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and I have seen an amazing change in me. My thought process is changing, I am feeling more confident, I am doing good in my job, and I am happy. I have started attracting all the powers that needed to be successful.

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Here I would like to tell you about those 6 habits that will make you morning a miracle morning. The Author introduced a word called “SAVERS” in which each word is a habit you need to follow to be a morning person, but for that, you need to wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 AM.

S: SILENCEHere the word silence means to connect to yourself through meditation. Meditation helps you with focus, sharpen concentration and attention, reduce anxiety and bring a radiance on your face. Most of the people believe that meditation is tough and say that they feel unwanted thoughts occur while doing it, but this is the process, you need to ignore these thoughts and keep focusing on your breath. This is the way it will increase your focus and concentration. I am doing meditation since last 2 months and now thoughts occur to me but fade away instantly as I concentrate more on my breath. To meditate you can use the Calm App.

A: AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations helps you to give you more focus on the goals and makes you more confident about your goals. You just have to write an affirmation in the present tense and read it with power gestures, like you can write ” I want to be an entrepreneur and I will work hard to be one” or I want to be healthy and I will start taking care of my body”.To write your affirmations you can use the My Affirmations App

V: VISUALIZATION: In this habit, you have to visualize about your ideal life, Most of the successful people visualized about their ideal life in the early stage and reached there. It will give you a confidence and motivation to seize the day and to work with your full potential.

E: EXERCISE: Exercise in the morning is very essential to increase the blood flow, improve your metabolism, Increase your physical and mental energy and it will increase your concentration. Just invest 15-30 minutes daily in Push ups, Jumping Jacks, Squats and it will make you more alert and attentive to perform energetically throughout the day. To exercise in the morning freeletics app can help you.

R: READING: Reading in the morning is an exercise for the mind that clear your thought process and stimulate new ideas or bring up the old ideas. One’s mind at the break of the dawn remains clear and fresh and it will start the thought process the way you will feed it. Make a habit of reading at least 10 pages a day. For Reading I prefer books but Wattpad can also help you.

S: SCRIBING: You should start keeping a journal handy to note down your ideas, your to-do lists with priorities, your strengths, weaknesses and the habits of other people that influenced you throughout the day. After analyzing everything, opt the good habits, start working on the weaknesses and keep your to-do list updated. This habit will help you to utilize every moment of your day and make you more and more productive. For scribing, you can use a diary or Journey App.

These habits make you proactive and productive and help you to achieve any goal of your life. The people who adopted these habits have increased their income,  improved their relationships and health,  and they are happier now. You should implement these habits now to see the miracle happened each morning.

Holi, You are playing and we are dying.

Holi is a festival of joy and happiness, not Hurdang and Hungama.

Today a kid caught my eye in front of my office. The kid was removing color from a puppy’s face. Some shithead threw Gulal in the face of that puppy. The Kid knows better than us that Holi is festival of happiness. I was feeling like we grew up still, we need to grow up.

A humble request to everyone, Please don’t throw color on Animals.You can express your feelings but they can’t. Your Synthetic colors can harm them badly, So enjoy a peaceful and Green holi.

I request to all the parents to encourage their kids to show humanity but not barbaric act. The kid i above mentioned belongs to a slummy area, even then he is more literate than us, we so called literates.

I wish a very Happy Holi to everyone and have a good feeling that this holi We will spread happiness instead of toxic colors.

#GoGreen #ShowHumanity #HappiHoli



Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, So be kind always.


Hooray! Thank You So Much.


The rules are:

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11 Random facts about me:

  • Most of the time i behave like a kiddo.
  • Caffeine addicted
  • I love to play pranks.
  • i want to buy a house in Goa.
  • Street side Foodie
  • My Mathematic skill set is near nonexistent. 
  • Dare I dream? Yes I do. I got a lot of dreams. I just don’t know which one to focus on. It’s a problem. 
  • My Favorite color is Blue.
  • My taste in music is eclectic.
  • I don’t believe in fate or destiny.
  • I love life in every way. 

Your Questions , My Answers 

1. Who’s your best friend?

  • I have few friends and all of them are my best Friends.

2. What’s your definition of A-good-day-spent?

  • Whole day Masti Party with friends and in the evening a long run on cruiser bikes.

3. If given a chance would you like to be in a Movie based on Feminism as the leading role?

  • I am not very good with acting but yes i would like to try.

4. Have you ever been in love?

  • Yes

5. Name your 3 favorite authors?

  • Shri APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Robin Sharma
  • Chetan Bhagat

6. Your dream-destination?

  • Goa , i want to buy a house and establish a beer factory over there.

7. If given a chance who would you run away with?

  • Neeta Nagar

8. The perfect-outfit according to you?

  • A loose T-shirt and a jean

9. Name the movie that you watched recently and appreciated.

  • Spider Man but i didn’t appreciated.

10. What would be the dream-job according to you?

  • None.  I want to be  a Entrepreneur or a Adventurous Photographer.

11. What is your biggest achievement so far?

  • I got selected For ISB Hyderabad but i am not going.

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4: What are Your Bizarre Habits? 

5:  What is your biggest dream?

6: Is there a book/a person /etc. that you think changed your life? What/Who was it?

7:  Who is the Celebrity you like the most ?

8: Who is Your Secret Crush in School?

9: Where would you like to travel in 2014 ?

10 : What is your favorite food ?

11: What is your favorite quote?

Don’t Limit Your Expectations

Having a Career Goal

 Why to have a career goal? Does a career goal limit your future?

Many of us spend most of our working hours engaged in work. Yet over 75% or working population is not happy with their current job situation. Here comes the importance of having a Career Goal. A career goal helps you focus on what you want to do for a living. A career goal can be a specific job you want to do – such as doctor, teacher or engineer – or a career goal can be a particular field you want to work in, such as IT, Education etc. 

Rather than limiting your future, a career goal may help you discover career opportunities that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. There are several job opportunities with any chosen career. For instance, if you choose a medicine as career, you may want to be a scientist, a nurse or a doctor.

A career goal will also guide you into doing what you want with your life – rather than just drifting into a job. Generally, a career goal in based on your skills and interests, career possibilities, and job trends. Once you have chosen a career, think strategically about the steps to accomplish your goal.

Understanding and accomplishing your career goal will be a lot easier if you also create a career plan. A career plan determines your skills and interests, what career best suits your talents and what skills and training you need for your chosen career.

  • Tips on achieving a Career Goal
    Analyze and evaluate your skills and capabilities
    Whether you’re employed, unemployed, considering a career change, re-entering the job market, or recently graduated, the first step toward reaching your career potential is to objectively analyze and evaluate your skills and capabilities.
    Have a coach or a career counselor objectively assess your natural talents, skills & professional strength


  • Set realistic goals
    Create a career plan that will give you a competitive edge. Be specific. Have it reviewed objectively.


  • Use marketing techniques for a competitive edge
    You need to implement an effective marketing strategy to increase your visibility and give you an edge. Create a career plan to meet your needs.


  • Find long term support, even after your short term career goals are met
    In order to keep growing, stay abreast of market trends and issues related to your career growth and development. Use an objective partner to support you.


  • Use an approach that meets your needs
    Don’t follow guidelines in a book or from a friend if they are not comfortable for you and representative of who you are. Be authentic in designing a plan that really reflects who you are.


Key Elements In Content Writing

  1. Knowledge of the Topic:The very first thing is knowledge about the topic. What I mean is “Research about the topic in depth and analyze the Subject very well”.


  1. Be an Accurate Writer:The second point is “How much comfortable you’re with the Language” If you’re working in English, you should be good with Grammar, Spellings, and Punctuations.


  1. Sensibility of Readers:You have to understand the Sensitivity of readers. It means “Your content must be Fresh, Flavored, Appealing and Instructive”.


  1. Attractive Presentation:An Excellent Presentation can attract readers, so “Small Paragraphs with Key points can be more attractive than a Heap of Information”.


  1. Discipline:A very necessary element to write a fascinating Content. I mean “Frame a Schedule of Writing”.


  1. Avoid Plagiarism:A mature writer avoids Plagiarism. So “Use your Rephrasing skills wisely”. You can check on the following site http://www.copyscape.com


  1. Importance of Keywords:A keyword rich site can attract more traffic. So maintain the “Density of Keywords” appropriate. You can check the density of keywords on the site  www.webconfs.com


  1. Proofreading:The last point is proofreading in which you have to “Read the content thoroughly and check the errors”. You should also check whether the content is according to the desires of the particular client.




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